Email Subject Lines Case Study

IT Professionals – Email Subject Lines


  • Marketing Group for Fortune 50 computer manufacturer wanted to ensure potential B2Bcustomers were opening marketing emails
  • Many email subject lines had been created, but the group was unsure if any were interesting or effective in getting the target to actually open the information


  • Gathered feedback on 8 email subject lines by interviewing technology purchase influencers
  • Determined which were most popular, which would encourage the respondent to open, and which would be deleted
  • Identified keywords which were both interesting and boring, as well as recall of phrases
  • Results delivered via interactive dashboard within 48 hours


  • Using the information provided, marketing team was able to use the subject lines which were most interesting, ensuring more opens and therefore more clicks through to the website
  • Marketing team was also able to tailor future subject lines using test results to ensure a more receptive audience

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