Case Studies (old)

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  • Healthcare Case Study

    With recent reputational challenges, a Healthcare Industry Firm needed to benchmark and monitor corporate brand health and risk in order to strategically manage reputation across multiple brands.

  • Financial Services Case Study

    The board of directors of a leading financial services firm recognized importance of brand reputation and had minimal information from their difficult-to-reach target market of top executives.


  • Campaign Optimization Case Study

    A financial services firm needed to optimize their media campaign -- identifying what sites, stories & ads were best performing in order to model future plans.

  • Asset Management Firm Case Study

    An asset management firm wanted to monitor the success of a newly created ad campaign with multi-faced goals to target retail buyers and corporate sales channels.


  • TV Ad Case Study

    A Fortune 50 company desired to evaluate a new television ad campaign through industry standard ad testing metrics and highly credibility evaluations to ensure a successful campaign.

  • Email Subject Lines Case Study

    A Fortune 50 computer manufacturer’s marketing group aimed to ensure their potential B2B customers would open their marketing emails.

  • CEO Communication Case Study

    In preparing for a series of high-profile interviews with the media, a Fortune 100 CEO wanted to identify the most effective way to communicate, while maintaining professional credibility for himself and the firm.

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