Case Studies

Media Influencers

reputation crisis CEO of a Media and Retail enterprise encountered a reputational crisis. Stock value of the company dropped, partners abandoned contracts, and market demand plummeted. Negative media was constantly pushing the narrative.


Advanced Modeling with Results from Streamlined Program Redefines Goal

measurement and modelingGlobal firm aided in exiting a reputation crisis through a focus on key metrics identified by comprehensive, systematic measurement and modeling, supplemented by message testing.


Starting from Scratch: Benchmarking, Communicating, and Measuring Reputation

consistent messagingNew CEO empowered to successfully operate (despite activist shareholders) with concise, relevant, consistent messaging tied to key performance indicators and objectives.


Integrating a Worldwide Reputational View: Executive-Friendly Takeaways with Unit-Level Action Items

customized findingsSenior management at a global company desired a consistent set of metrics measuring the success or failure of key initiatives. Results from the multi-country/multi-stakeholder evaluation program were paired with additional data to enable forecasting of KPIs impacting business outcomes. Findings customized to business units were presented to and acted upon by the highest levels of the company.


Which Ads Should Be Placed Where?

advanced modelingAdvanced modeling with real-time data revealed potential efficiencies in ad placement, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, while yielding greater impact on the end goal.


Advertising Impact

quantify advertising impactAn asset management firm sought to develop a system to quantify the impact of their advertising campaigns with multi-faceted goals to target retail buyers and corporate sales channels.


CEO Communication Optimization

effective communicationIn preparing for a series of high-profile interviews with the media, a Fortune 100 CEO wanted to identify the most effective way to communicate, while maintaining professional credibility as an individual and for the firm.


High Credibility TV Ad

successful campaignA Fortune 50 company sought to evaluate a critical new TV advertising campaign utilizing high credibility evaluations to ensure a successful campaign.


Testing Email Subject Lines

email open rateA Fortune 50 computer manufacturer’s marketing group aimed to ensure their potential B2B customers would open their marketing emails.


Validating New Website Design

quantify website efficiencyNational home builder redesigned their website to offer an improved “virtual shopping experience” for their new communities, homes and floor plans. CEO was concerned about the new design and if it maintained basic desired CTAs (calls to action) and thus, wanted to quantify the efficacy of the new website design.


Mobile App Design Testing

customer journey mapsGlobal bank planned to release a refreshed mobile app. Three customer journey maps were perfected in the early design phase and client desired further testing to see which design performed best on key measures such as ease of use and select CTAs (calls to action).


Customer Segmentation and Personification

targeted marketingNew home builders face a challenge in that only around 10% of all homes sold are new construction homes.  Targeted marketing and message resonation is key to understanding this consumer as they undertake their home shopping journey.  Research, data base analysis, and advanced analytics paved the way, identifying key personas allowing the client to boost the ROI of marketing efforts and build effective sales team training content.


Lost Prospect Analysis

customer journey mapsThe marketing team for a new home builder wanted to pursue a quick, standardized way to diagnose communities in their portfolio that were failing to meet sales goals. A templated, simple, and inexpensive program was designed to survey recent community visitors to gather feedback among those still shopping as well as those who purchased from a competitor or resale. Results guided decisions on how to optimize marketing communication and, in some cases, to make structural changes that addressed hurdles identified by potential buyers.


CRM Segmentation, Profiling, and Drivers of Consideration

CRM data miningA legacy retailer desired to directly address increasing competition and grow their business. Secondary research on their CRM and primary research (both qualitative and quantitative) helped this business understand their customer base, model attributes of the most profitable customers, and build effective marketing messages to solidify loyalty and drive growth.


Brand Strategy Research

CRM data miningA non-US HR benefits company recently acquired multiple U.S. companies offering both competing and complimentary products and services. Management sought an optimized brand strategy to successfully consolidate the employees and customers attained. Qualitative and quantitative efforts resulted in a framework for testing the most effective co-branding messages that would resonate with current and prospective customers.


Software Feature Bundle Product and Price Optimization

CRM data miningA software developer desired to add several features to an existing platform in order to optimize interest and revenue. An advanced model tested the attractiveness of product bundles, resulting in the development of a set of highly-desired product offerings along with the target audience for each. A simple playbook was built for the company’s sales team to help identify sales strategies across their current and prospective customers.

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