Case Studies

Media Influencer Case Study

CEO of a Media and Retail enterprise encountered a reputational crisis. Stock value of the company dropped, partners abandoned contracts, and market demand plummeted. Negative media was constantly pushing the narrative.


Financial Services Case Study

The executive team of a leading financial services firm sought guidance for how to navigate through an unprecedented crisis.


Healthcare Case Study

After a change in leadership and period of reputational challenges from activist shareholders, the new CEO wanted to establish an objective benchmark of corporate reputation and begin to monitor corporate initiatives to ensure accountability.


Insurance Industry Case Study

Given the complexity of stakeholder relationships, senior management of a global insurance firm sought more insightful and actionable data sources that would capture and then monitor the firm’s brand and reputation across 24 countries.


Campaign Optimization Case Study

A financial services firm needed to optimize their media campaign — identifying what sites, stories and ads were best performing in order to optimize the ongoing campaign.


Advertising Impact Case Study

An asset management firm sought to develop a system to quantify the impact of their advertising campaigns with multi-faceted goals to target retail buyers and corporate sales channels.


CEO Communication Optimization Case Study

In preparing for a series of high-profile interviews with the media, a Fortune 100 CEO wanted to identify the most effective way to communicate, while maintaining professional credibility as an individual and for the firm.


High Credibility TV Ad Case Study

A Fortune 50 company sought to evaluate a critical new TV advertising campaign utilizing high credibility evaluations to ensure a successful campaign.


Email Subject Lines Case Study

A Fortune 50 computer manufacturer’s marketing group aimed to ensure their potential B2B customers would open their marketing emails.


Validating New Website Design Case Study

National home builder redesigned their website to offer an improved “virtual shopping experience” for their new communities, homes and floor plans. CEO was about the new design maintained basic desired CTAs (calls to action) and sought data to quantify the efficacy of the new website design.


Mobile App Design Testing Case Study

Global bank’s planned to release a refreshed mobile app. Three journey maps were perfected in the early design phase and client desired further testing to see which design performed best on key measures such as ease of use and select CTAs (calls to action).

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