Breaking: Study results from Cambia’s generation neXXt presented to the House of Commons in London.  Cambia Information Group, in collaboration with ThisCity, recently released top line results.

On, October 14, ThisCity presented initial results from the generation neXXt social media study to the House of Commons in London.  The reception, hosted by ThisCity, focused on the advancement of gender equality.  Speakers at the event also included Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities along with Naomi Climer, President of the Institution for Engineering and Technology.

Generation neXXt is a research initiative from Cambia Information Group and ThisCity to examine the attitudes and concerns of young women at universities around the world as they approach the workplace and the beginning of their careers.  It aims to provide employers, universities and policymakers with data and insights about what drives young women’s career decisions and their view on the state of gender equality.
•       39% of female respondents in UK say that gender will negatively impact their choice of careers, whereas just 13% of men do
•       58% of female students think employers need to do more to address gender inequality, 31% of male students agree
•       50% Young women see gender bias as an impediment to higher pay and promotion, 11% of male students say gender will negatively impact their pay and promotion prospects
•       62% of female students believe that women have to try harder to achieve the same success as their male counterparts, only 33% of men disagree

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