Breaking: This year's Zandan Poll shows that Austinites describe their city as musical, active, artistic, creative, and technologically sophisticated, but when asked to describe themselves Austinites also use the words laid back, environmentally friendly, and spiritual.

This year Cambia Information Group again teamed up with longtime Austin resident Peter Zandan to conduct the Zandan Poll, an Austin-centric public opinion survey. The Zandan Poll interviewed over 800 Austin area residents about their attitudes and behaviors toward the city's most pressing issues, including affordability and cost of living, growth and the economy, jobs, transportation, education, environment, festivals and events, and culture among others.

The Poll also revealed that Austinites consider themselves forward-looking and age is the most important factor in determining Austinites' attitudes toward their city. Austinites overwhelmingly see their city as a haven for Millennials and a town for singles. For further look at the rest of the results please visit

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