Asset Management Firm Case Study

Asset Management Firm’s Ad Impact/ROI Modeling


  • Client desired to monitor the success of a new ad campaign
  • Campaign was designed to target both retail buyers and the corporate sales channel
  • Goals of campaign were multi-faceted:
    • Increase awareness
    • Improve perceptions of firm’s product offerings
    • Grow consideration and selection of firm’s products


  • Benchmark was conducted prior to campaign launch
  • Both buyer and seller audiences were surveyed semi-annually to monitor the impact-to date of the campaign
  • Monitoring was also able to provide feedback for adjustments to the ongoing campaign messaging


  • Monitoring provided feedback on individual ads to inform refinements and more broadly assess the impact of the integrated campaign
  • Impact of advertising (both individual ads and the collective campaign) were added to other internal and external inputs for an ROI model that was updated semi-annually
  • Model evaluated impact of individual creative executions as well as placement of ads to optimize creative assets/ media purchased in subsequent waves of advertising


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