TV Ad Case Study

High Credibility TV Ad



  • Fortune 50 company sought to evaluate a critical new TV ad campaign
  • In addition to standard ad testing metrics, high credibility evaluations were necessary to ensure campaign success
  • Firm considered success of campaign critical to short-term business objectives as well as the longer term license to do business


  • Communication test scheduled to evaluate TV ad concept
  • In addition to the standard battery of diagnostics, overall company reputation questions were included to assess credibility and the reputation impact generated by ad
  • Ad concepts included a number of different narrators (each tested separately) to see which produced the best results


  • Overall diagnostic results were favorable, validating the management team’s decision to move forward with the campaign
  • Higher level reputation metrics were also positive, especially among Opinion Leaders, demonstrating that the campaign supported the overall corporate reputation
  • Measuring the effect of the different narration directed recommendations for ad improvement and increased credibility

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